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  • What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Fitting Fire Resistant Insulation?

    When it comes to fitting insulation to your home, the main reason is obviously to retain heat within your home. But as technology has improved you can now incorporate fire resistance by choosing certain products for the insulation process. This may seem like an obvious and important choice to make, but it isn’t quite as simple as that.

    The Benefits of Fire Resistant Insulation

    The benefits of installing fire-resistant insulation are pretty obvious. The material which is normally fitted in the walls and ceilings is resistant to fire and should a fire break out, then it will at least slow down the spread of the fire. However please note that it is fire resistant not fireproof, so it will not stop the fire in its tracks, and it was never intended to. It should give you some extra time and a feeling or reassurance, though. Fire resistant insulation is made of a similar material to the clothes that a firefighter would wear.

    The Negatives of Installing Fire Resistant Insulation

    Unsurprisingly there is a premium to pay for choosing fire-resistant insulation over the standard variety, This a factor worth considering when you make your choice. Some people argue that by the time the fire gets to the fire resistant insulation, there is already catastrophic damage to the property and so the extra expense may not be worthwhile. On the opposite side of the equation it could potentially slow the fire down long enough for a life to be saved, only the buyer can make the decision.

    There are also certain building regulations which vary from state to state, so it is important to confirm that a specific product can be installed in your state and that you are not breaking any regulations.

    Finally prior to fitting ensure that the area where the fire resistant insulation is to be fitted, is not prone to damp or moisture. Mold or other symptoms of damp or humidity may damage the materials being used, so it is important to check this first.

    In conclusion, I personally feel that the benefits of fire resistant insulation far outweigh the negatives. The feeling of reassurance you get from knowing that you have increased the fire resistance of your home is priceless and in my opinion at least far outweighs the slight increase in cost over the standard options.

    The article found here provides a more in-depth discussion of the benefits of fire resistant materials. This excellent video provides some visual perspectives of the material and might help you in making your decisions.

    Whatever you decide, I would encourage you to take your time and do some serious research into the subject before making your choice. Don’t be swayed or pressurized by the salesman, decide what suits your circumstances best and then stick to your decision. We hope this article has given you some information and things to consider, there is no right or wrong answer, all you can do is make the most appropriate decision for your personal circumstances.

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