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Giving the Family Room That Much-Needed Facelift

By on February 22, 2016 in Family Room Renovation, Slider
Giving the Family Room That Much-Needed Facelift

a cozy family room remodelThe Family room is the most versatile room of the household. It is where the family entertains guests, gobbles down quick meals, and puts up guests who need a place to crash. That’s why living rooms need to be several things at once: cozy enough for a wine mixer, comfortable enough for those meals eaten there, and comfortable enough for those stay-over guests.

The good thing is that family room remodeling can always be DIY. Depending on the scope, family room remodeling could take several months or several hours, or it could get complicated enough to require the service of a professional designer or contractor. Another good thing is that it doesn’t have a staple design which every household should follow, unlike most specific task oriented room like the restroom and kitchen.

That makes, while it isn’t conventional, living room dual function, like a living room that has few exercise equipments. The presence of a usual television, the inherent airiness of the living room would benefit a treadmill which while occupying a living room space without it being too hijacking to the usual living room feel.

Perhaps the biggest factor for family room remodeling (just like any remodeling plans) is the idea: how should the design go, what should it feel like, the theme and the ambiance. And compounded from the fact is our reluctance to consult to over hyped designers who can make an interesting home DIY project to a costly renovation process. So avoid the designers and check out the following entire for family room remodeling ideas and see if you can come up with your own.

Family Room Remodeling Idea #1;jsessionid=dc30741c340df43406c3?master=22651&page=1

Those that avoid as much upholstery as possible would be enthralled with this idea. Take note that this family room doesn’t take much space, yet with light wall colors tend to make the small dimension more airy and comfortable. While checkered designs are the focal point of this idea, you can always swap it with less subtle colors and tones.

Family Room Remodeling Idea #2;jsessionid=dc30741c340df43406c3?master=23768&page=1

Those that regard fireplaces as the best common room feature should build around this idea. While it may not be as appealing to the younger generation, typical gentry will be awe inspired by this rather classical ambiance. Take note the non-consistence of lounger make. Gone is the idea of uniform furnishing.

Family Room Remodeling Idea #3

For those that get the hassle of redecorating one large humongous room, divisions can be smartly done with chairs and sofas. So scrap the idea of remodeling large room areas with dividers and wall cabinets that make large area rooms much smaller and cluttered.